David Lee: Singer, Songwriter, Record-Label and Record-Shop Owner by Brendan Greaves and Jason Perlmutter David Lee was born on May 3rd, 1936, in Shelby, North Carolina. Raised on the Blanton and Yarborough family farms, Mr. Lee began working the land by age twelve, planting and cutting barley, wheat, corn, and cotton. His family was not […]

Neal Hutcheson: Maker of Documentaries on North Carolina Folklife and Language by Thomas McGowan and Walt Wolfram Videographer Neal Hutcheson has produced an extensive collection of important documentaries presenting notable North Carolina folk artists, the folk speech of cultural groups in North Carolina, and the family and community contexts of regional folklife. His documentaries on […]

Creighton Lee Calhoun, Jr.: Orchardist and Apple Historian by Tessa Thraves Creighton Lee Calhoun Jr. is an apple historian and retired orchardist who lives in Pittsboro, N.C. At one time he had 450 kinds of heirloom apples growing at his home nursery on Blacktwig Road. There he takes cuttings of old varieties, sent to him […]

Vollis Simpson: Whirligig Artist by Jefferson Currie II Vollis Simpson grew up in Wilson County, near the town of Lucama. His family farmed, and his father moved buildings for a living. Vollis was drafted before World War II, and continued serving during the war in the Army Air Corp stationed on the Island of Saipan. […]

Carmine Prioli: Teacher, Scholar, Folklorist, Editor, and Friend by Karen Willis Amspacher with an endnote by Thomas McGowan If this citation were to follow the usual protocol, this is the place where a long list of Dr. Prioli’s academic credentials, career accomplishments, published articles, and the like would go. However, for Carmine (that’s with a […]

William E. “Bill” Myers: Musician by Beverly Patterson Bill Myers remembers growing up in Greenville in the 1930s and 40s, and hearing his grandmother say, “This boy evidently will play something after a while.” There is no need for him to state the obvious: that his musical accomplishments have far exceeded her prediction. As a […]

Elizabeth and Alex Albright: Owners of R.A. Fountain General Store by Leanne E. Smith Alex Albright says he is a person who has enjoyed the accidents in his life. A turn he didn’t intend to take on his way back to Greenville from Wilson one day in the mid-1990s was one of those accidents. He […]

Barbara Garrity-Blake: Musician and Public Scholar by Bland Simpson Barbara Garrity-Blake has long been one of the most creative, innovative, and imaginative citizens in the Carolina east, and I know of no one else quite like her. She is simultaneously an energetic artistparticipant, a keen observer, an engaged public scholar, and a fierce advocate for […]

Chester McMillian: Old Time Musician and Educator by Matt Edwards Chester McMillian is as deserving of this award as anyone ever has been. He has been quietly working to preserve and pass on the old time music traditions of Northwestern North Carolina for nearly a half century. Chester McMillian was born in Cana, Virginia, to […]

Michele Fazio & Jason Hutchens: Documentary Filmmakers and Professors by Mark Canada Dr. Michele Fazio is a scholar of American literature, contemporary U.S. ethnic literature, and working-class studies. She is currently an Assistant Professor of English, Theater, and Foreign Languages at the University of North Carolina Pembroke (UNCP). Dr. Jason S. Hutchens is a 20-year […]