Category 2009 Brown-Hudson Folklore Award

2009 BHFA — Kirsten Mullen: Folklorist

Kirsten Mullen: Folklorist by Joy Salyers Kirsten Mullen has been an active force in North Carolina folklife since moving to Durham in 1983. In 1998, as a graduate student in the Curriculum in Folklore at UNC-Chapel Hill, she was awarded the North Carolina Arts Council Folklife Fellowship and the Ackland Art Museum Graduate Student Internship. […]

2009 BHFA — Jim Vipperman: Traditional Musician and Teacher

Jim Vipperman: Traditional Musician and Teacher by Tanya Jones Jim Vipperman was born June 12, 1958, in Surry County. He started playing the violin in 1966 with classical lessons from Dr. Ralph Gabriel and Lilly Graham. His father, Johnny Vipperman (whose musical career included a time playing with Bill Monroe’s band in 1951), and also […]

2009 BHFA — Ruben Olmos: Lowrider

Ruben Olmos: Lowrider by Michael C. Taylor The term “lowrider” refers to elaborately customized cars lowered to almost ground-scraping levels, and to those who build and drive them. Although the tradition of lowriding grew out of West Coast and Southwestern Latino communities in the late 1930s, lowriding is now widely recognized as a vibrant international […]

2009 BHFA — Sidney G. Luck: Fifth Generation Potter

Sidney G. Luck: Fifth Generation Potter by Charles G. Zug Even for a Seagrove potter, Sid Luck possesses unusually deep roots in the North Carolina clay. His ancestors were associated with two of the most prominent clay clans in the state, the Coles and the Cravens. Great-great-grandfather William Luck worked with his son-in-law Evan Cole, […]